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Changing Stories Productions: Shoe Shiners 

Category: Feature Film - Docu Drama

Name: Derecho De Piso

Nonprofit Partner: Hormigón Armado:

Location: La Paz, Bolivia, 2020

We are currently partnering with the nonprofit organization Hormigon Armado in La Paz, Bolivia to produce an original docu-fiction film that is written by a community of shoe shiners who are living on the streets.  Through a Series of Art Workshops with professional artists, the shoe shiners of La Paz are experiencing the life-changing and empowering process of sharing their stories with the world and claiming their voice as a community.

The Hormigón Armado has worked with street children and youth from La Paz since 2005. Their main focus is to empower and protect the shoe-shiner community, particularly marginalized group of society.  Because shoe-shining is part of Bolivia’s informal economy, the children are not protected by labor laws, many of them are minors with low levels of education, living in poverty, or are homeless. The primary purpose of Hormigón Armado's interaction with the youth is to strengthen their self-esteem and provide them with tools necessary to achieve their goals and aspirations in life. Changing Stories is partnering with Hormigón Armado and a community of 60 shoe-shiners to tell their stories through the production of a docu-fiction narrative film written by the shoe-shiners themselves to portray the truth from their eyes, and not one told by society.


Every year Changing Stories selects 5 films from the most recognized film festivals in the world. The message and mission of these films should be extremely important in addressing current global issues. Changing Stories will then build a campaign around the selected films, mandatory to the program:

  • We organize community involvement. 

  • We link the film with a Non-Profit addressing the same issue as the film, and doing the work on the ground. 

The selected films will have a professional red carpet in the heart of entertainment, Los Angeles, California. Our team of marketing and PR will invite recognized artists and influencers that can magnify the message and invite audiences to join in, in the movement for change “Changing Stories Warriors”

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